Between trying to come up with blog post ideas, understanding how to get the most out of social networking sites, and staying motivated and productive, the art of blogging can feel overwhelming and complicated.

You may not be ready yet to have someone else be your collaborative writer for your blog posts and social networking updates, but you still know you need help with the planning, execution and optimization of your blogs.

Take the pressure off yourself to know everything, do everything and executive everything alone. Use your time to optimize your talent and let us help you through the details.

The Strategic Blogging Plan will provide you with the following collaboration and coaching:

  • Determine a consistent and unique added-value voice for your reader
  • Develop blogging concepts in advance (4-6 blogs per month)
  • Forecast your editorial calendar
  • Analyze blog page effectiveness
  • Create your social media infrastructure
  • Determine pre-blogging communication launch
  • Integrate keywords, categories and tags for each blog
  • Streamline publication of the blog posts
  • Drive traffic to the blog
  • Provide accountability for your productivity with semi-monthly training calls

Let us get you started feeling good about your knowledge base, your efforts and your content.


Explanation of Features

3-Month Minimum Engagement:

In order to maximize the impact of your blogs for your readers and for search engine rankings, your posts should be planned at least one to two months in advance and your website should maintain regular, consistent postings.

Semi-Monthly Personalized Coaching Calls:

You will have access to two (2), 30-minute personalized brainstorming, training and coaching sessions per month.  We will also be available to you via email throughout the month for any questions.

Upgrade Feature:

At any time during your three-month engagement you wish to have Your Voice, Inc. write and edit your blogs, you have the ability to upgrade to any of the Blogging Your Brand Option plans during a full-month transition.  See Blogging Your Brand page for feature details.


After your initial payment is received, your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis prior to the commencement of work.  30-days notice is due for all cancellations.  If program is terminated prior to the completion of the contract term, payment for all work performed up to that date will be due in full.


We will train you on the streamlining of your blog posts as well as Twitter and Facebook status updates, however we do not provide administration of the posts or updates.