The key to successful marketing is connecting emotionally with your client. Answering the critical question: What do they want and need to hear? Competition for business is fierce and your potential customer needs to know why you are unique. Why should they buy your product or enlist your services? What makes you special?

Let Your Voice, Inc. help you deliver a creative, compelling message that generates interest and garners tangible results.

See Case In Point for a sample of our work.

Developing brand identity is more than just choosing the right words. It takes the right research and competitive analysis to make sure you are positioning yourself for a successful campaign, one that capitalizes on your key value propositions and zeroes in on your target market.

Branding is built through consistency and repetition. Your Voice, Inc. has successfully helped numerous companies and individuals take a concept or product and develop additional revenue streams based on the right message and expansion tactic.

See Scootarian© Case in Point for a sample of our tag line and branding work.


The following case studies demonstrate Your Voice, Inc.’s proven ability to connect the client with the consumer emotionally and effectively:

Top Chefs to Order™

Client Mission: Utilize their exclusive rights to develop corporate training programs and events featuring celebrity chefs from Bravo’s Top Chef show.

Your Voice Inc.’s Creative Contribution:
We created team-building and leadership programs for Smartt Entertainment that would capitalize on the interest and enthusiasm of the popular cooking competition show including:

  • The Melting Pot – Team-Building for all Generations
  • Step Up to the Plate – Quick Fire Challenge
  • Thinking Outside of the Bag – Leadership Training

Results: Within the first 6 months of the promotional launch, Smartt Entertainment booked 6 programs and had an additional 25 event dates in their production pipeline.

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Scootarian© Branding

Client Mission: Introduce Scootarian© as a brand name for motor scooters and apparel to the existing scooter market.

Your Voice, Inc.’s Creative Contribution:
We created tag lines and a print advertisement that embodied the spirit of the scooter enthusiast as well as the interests of the environmentally conscious consumer.

Results: The client established the copyright and sole ownership of the tag lines to produce a national brand campaign.

Tag Line:

Scootarian (scoo*tar*i*an – noun) an advocate for improving the lives of all creatures, two wheels at a time.™

Exclusive Resort Promotional Collateral

Client Mission: With 100 words or less, create a unique promotional piece inviting prospective brides at a Bridal Expo to visit the first luxury “green” waterfront resort in the area. The brand message was to emphasize the experience and the relationships built with the resort’s clients, rather than focus on the exclusive amenities.

Your Voice Inc.’s Creative Contribution:
We developed a wedding invitation postcard that captured the theme of the Expo while establishing the “marriage” between the experience of the resort and the style of the venue.

Results: Outside representatives and vendors commented the postcard was “truly the most unique piece” throughout the entire event where more than 700 attendees picked up the invitation.

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