“The best leaders are those most interested in surrounding themselves with associates more skilled than they are. They are frank in admitting this and are willing to pay for such talents.”

–Adapted from Amos Parrish

You do not have to be a great writer to be a successful author, speaker or business leader. You do need to surround yourself with the best talent. Your Voice, Inc. utilizes a combination of keen insight, clever technique and clear expression to integrate your ideas into a messaging style that best resonates with your audience.

“I remember respectfully referring to one of my first clients as a “1- 2 -10” person. He mistakenly believed I had said “One to Ten” in reference to his knowledge and expertise of the ten steps in the communication process. What he later learned was that I was pointing out how fantastic he was at steps 1, 2 and 10 and that my forte was mastering steps 3 through 9. Once we both capitalized on our true talents, it was a perfect combination of skill sets. He had the initial ideas, I provided the execution; he represented the final product. From that day forward, I have always related my talents for creating engaging messaging and solid infrastructure as simply ‘3 through 9’. ”

- Christine Messier
- Founder, Chief Creative Officer

You do what you do best. We do what we do best—content and concept pinpointing and promoting. Together, we can effectively and successfully compose and communicate your ideas to the world. If you want a creative communications partner, contact Your Voice, Inc.

Messaging Your Mission

10-Step Process from A-Ha to Oh Yeah

Step 1 A-Ha Step 2 The Ends Justify
the Means
Step 3 Hooked on
a Feeling
Step 4 Let the
Games Begin
Step 5 Go with
the Flow
Step 6 Write Time,
Write Place
Step 7 Purification
Step 8 The Finish
Step 9 Branching
Step 10 Oh Yeah


Your passion. Your dream. Your vision. It is unique to you alone, but you need help getting your voice heard. Imagine how much easier it would be with the support of people who love to create and who are skilled at being authentic to your voice. Bring us your Big Idea and let us make it a reality, contact Your Voice, Inc.

STEP TWO: The Ends Justify the Means

Your vision formalized – what, when, why, how? What is your desired outcome for your project? When are you planning to launch your idea? Why is there a need and why are you interested in filling it? How do you foresee bringing the best quality to your client?

With the end in mind, we can work our way back to the most effective and efficient means to make your vision heard. Contact Your Voice, Inc. for a step in the right direction.

STEP THREE: Hooked on a Feeling

  • What emotions are you tapping into?
  • What is your hook?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • Why would someone choose you over your competition?
  • What makes a customer seek you out?
  • What will entice your audience?

These are all great questions and either Your Voice, Inc. can seek out the best answers and capitalize on your expertise, or you can participate in the process with us. Let us know where and when we can start working for you, contact Your Voice, Inc.

STEP FOUR: Let the Games Begin

We love this part of the creative process and it saves you the greatest amount of time. It is like going on a treasure hunt. We identify the pieces, hunt and gather for the clues and start putting the masterpiece together for you. Your Voice, Inc. will optimize our expertise in carrying out competitive analysis to determine your position within your industry and research all aspects of the content. We continue to move forward with establishing the correct tone for the intended audience and strategizing for creating the rapport that is both immediate and long-standing. With your puzzle in mind, contact Your Voice, Inc. to begin the framework.

STEP FIVE: Go with the Flow

What makes for great communication? Fabulous flow. Often times you can be so close to your own idea that it creates tunnel vision during the creative process. Your Voice, Inc. will help you to step back and see it from another angle. Our communication tools will create continuity of flow, accentuate key concepts, weave together central themes and create an overall organization of material that is seamless to your audience.

We have an eye for extracting the true gems of your work and messaging them for enhancing the reader’s experience as well as conveying your key themes for literary publicist query letters and publisher book proposals. Let Your Voice, Inc. help you communicate clearly.

STEP SIX: Write Time, Write Place

You can create the most compelling content and message and unless it tells the audience what they want to hear, you will have spent a great deal of time in the process and not reaping the rewards of the conversion.

Readers want “take-aways”, they want to learn tools and strategies to create positive change in every aspect of their lives. They want to hear about success stories and know they can also be one. Your Voice, Inc. creates communications from a reader’s perspective. We continue to research the needs of your target market. Why shouldn’t you capitalize on the way people learn and the style in which they learn the best? Contact Your Voice, Inc. so we can show you how to create these tools and optimize your expertise.

STEP SEVEN: Purification Process

Just as you can be too close to a project to express what you are really trying to communicate, so too can you be so familiar with the content that you need a second set of eyes to make it better. Your Voice, Inc. will work with you to maintain continuity and consistency of your message as well and deep editing for further content development. We will help you request and wordsmith Forwards, Endorsements and Testimonials. Rely on Your Voice, Inc. to handle all of the formatting and layout of your product.

STEP EIGHT: The Finish Line

Your communication tools are completed and now its time to make them shine, visually. Work with any of our graphic design partners, publishing specialists and Your Voice, Inc. will continue to help you move forward with distribution and product fulfillment.

STEP NINE: Branching Out

There is tremendous satisfaction that comes from seeing your dream become reality. Do more than just shout it from the rooftops or tell your friends and family. We will help you create pent up demand for your product by creating an internet marketing promotional campaign prior to your launch date.

Expand your voice by letting us create, maintain and distribute your eNewsletters and eZines. Our strategists can also help set up, educate and cultivate your social media market outlets to improve your visibility and credibility. If you want to increase your rankings on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com, contact Your Voice, Inc.

STEP TEN: Oh Yeah!

You are a hit and its time to celebrate! You have booked speaking engagements, have scheduled book signings or will be presenting your product at a trade show. Your Voice, Inc. has not left your side, we are right there with you making sure you are set up to win. Not only will we help you with your talking points, but we will make sure you know the Do’s and Don’ts of media appearances and product launches. Call Your Voice, Inc. before you make any other arrangements for your debut.