Your Voice, Inc. provides writing, editing and publishing expertise to create the most effective communication tools for voicing your mission.

Whether you are doing all of the writing yourself and need a strong edit for your manuscript, or you know you should write a book to expand your brand but don’t think you have the time or talent to do it yourself, let Your Voice, Inc. be your partner. We can handle all of the details.

  • You’re an expert or thought leader in your industry or trade and you want to share your knowledge with others.
  • You want to increase your visibility and demonstrate your credibility within your field of expertise.
  • You’re a speaker and wish to book more frequent and lucrative speaking engagements.
  • You’re itching to tell a tremendous story about human potential that will enrich the lives of others.
  • You’re intimidated by the process of writing that first sentence, or you’ve begun your manuscript and need a second set of eyes to help with the flow and continuity.
  • You’re in need of companion products such as workbooks, newsletters and audio/video products.

Speeches are delivered in a variety of forms from the traditional delivery on stage in front of an audience of a hundred or thousands to sitting across from a television anchor or presenting material on the radio. Your Voice, Inc. will help you describe and design your content to assure your message is engaging, your brand is consistent, and your talking points are clear and concise, regardless of which of the following suits your situation:

  • Your platform needs developing for speaking engagements.
  • Your audience is new.
  • You need support finding the best way to establish rapport and customize your message.
  • You’re not sure how to present your material in an engaging and emotive manner.
  • You’re delivering an acceptance speech or igniting a fundraising Call to Action.
  • You’re needing guidance in preparing for book signings and media presentations.
  • You’re seeking media appearance preparation.

We have experienced staff and partnerships to assist with all aspects of the publishing process. We work directly with various book designers and setters and can coordinate quotes from local and oversees printers.

  • You need help writing and editing query letters to literary agents.
  • You want to draft a book proposal for publishers.
  • You want someone to collaborate with literary publicists on your behalf.
  • You want to utilize social media marketing for maximum exposure.
  • You need companion products such as workbooks, and audio/video products.