“Christine Messier’s blogging service is a lifesaver for anyone who is short on ideas, time or writing talent.  Her ability to duplicate my voice and communicate my concepts in a succinct and inspiring way is priceless.”

– Peggy McColl
NY Times Best-Selling Author
aka “The Best Seller Maker”

You are probably already familiar with most of the reasons why you should have a blog with consistent and regular postings…

  • Earn Expert Status: Providing your best content will not only capture people’s attention and provide you with more visibility, but it will also build your credibility as you establish yourself as an expert or thought-leader in your industry.
  • Improve SEO for website rankings: Posting creates more pages for Search Engines to index as each new post is a new avenue into your site.
  • Increase subscriber numbers: When you consistently add value with your free content, visitors to your site will grow to trust and value you and will be more inclined to sign up for your Opt-In give-away products, which in turn grows your customer list.
  • Raise conversion rates – $: Subscribers are more engaged with your brand as a result of frequent posts. This consistent traffic will build momentum for conversion to paid products and programs. Infrequent posts can frustrate your subscribers and lead them to lose interest in your site.

Top two reasons most people do not post regular blog entries:

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough ideas – too close to your own content to see the endless opportunities available
Qualities of a good blog post:
  • Unique and insightful
  • Solves a problem
  • Saves the reader time or money
  • Catalyst for transformation
  • Provides inspiration
  • Interprets concepts and research
  • Provides humor or taps into passion
  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Written in consistent rhythm and authentic voice
  • …and many more…

Now that you are familiar with the Why and What of blogging, let’s look at the How.

The full process involved in creating a quality, consistent and effective blog post while also driving traffic to your post and website looks like this:

  • Develop ideas for blog post (or series of blogs)
  • Write content
  • Research additional facts and opinions, find statistics and relevant quotes if needed
  • Edit content
  • Create compelling title
  • Input content through back-end medium for website
  • Format blog for final publication
  • Assign categories and keyword tags
  • Preview post and make additional edits if necessary
  • Publish Blog
  • Create shortened URL
  • Create multiple marketing-focused Twitter and Facebook entries
  • Post or schedule posts for Twitter and Facebook.

Total time investment: 3-5 hours per blog

Recommended average number of blog posts per week: 3

Weekly time investment: 9-15 hours

If you are a professional blogger this may not seem like a big deal. But chances are you still need to spend a majority of your time with direct income-generating activities such as speaking engagements, manuscript development, joint ventures, networking, radio shows, and client coaching sessions.

How great would it be if when you answered a really poignant audience question after your keynote presentation, you could simply send a quick email with the topic and we expanded on it for you? Within 48 hours of your speech, your site visitors could read about your answer and feel that you are not only a great resource, but you also stay current and fresh.

Here is the simple solution to quality, frequent blog posts written in your voice:


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

(Limited Availability)

Blog Content

  • Create editorial calendar
  • Develop content in your voice
  • Create consistency in topic & sequence
  • Supporting research, statistics, quotes
  • Develop categories & keyword tags
  • 200–400 word count per blog

4 blogs

per month

6 blogs

per month

8 blogs

per month

Twitter and Facebook

  • Content for 5 tweets per blog in your voice
  • Content for 2 Facebook posts per blog in your voice

20 tweets per month

8 Facebook posts per month

30 tweets per month

12 Facebook posts per month

40 tweets
per month

16 Facebook posts per month

Administration and Analysis

  • Uploading, formatting and publishing of each blog
  • Posting of each Tweet and Facebook entry
  • Monthly 1-Page Analysis Report of URL link hits




Bonus Products – (One Each)

  • Create content for one e-Book (up to 25 pages). Does not include book cover or graphic design elements.


One e-Book

(up to 25 pages per each 6-month engagement)

3-month minimum engagement, paid monthly

6-month engagement savings, paid monthly

Call or email for pricing

Call or email for pricing

Call or email for pricing

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Bonus Products for Opt-In feature: These products are what are offered in your subscriber sign-up box that collects names and builds your customer list

One e-Book: For each 6-month engagement, we will write and edit content for a short (20 – 25 pages) e-Book that you can use for your Opt-in give-away product. (Formatting, publication and posting to website not included.)

3-Month Minimum Engagement:

In order to maximize the impact of your blogs for your readers and for search engine rankings, your posts should be planned at least three months in advance and your website should maintain regular, consistent postings. In addition, mastering your content, in your voice requires a large initial investment of time and we want to ensure that you are able to capitalize on this feature of authenticity.

A la Carte Products:

We are happy to write and edit Expert Articles, e-Mail Campaigns and e-Books for you on an individual basis. Please email or call for pricing.


After your initial payment is received, your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis prior to the commencement of work. 30-days notice is due for all cancellations. If program is terminated prior to the completion of the contract term, payment for all work performed up to that date will be due in full.

Q: My readers are accustomed to my style of writing and blog posts and I would not want them to see any inconsistency on my site. Can you really write and sound like me?

A: We are very talented in the art of duplicating your voice: its rhythm, diction and expressions. We can literally produce an impression of your personality and brand on paper. We work with some very high-profile clients whose brand identity has been established for decades and we honor the importance of remaining authentic to their brand.

Q: I am a professional writer and published author. I enjoy writing and I am not sure I would trust my writing to anyone else. I am not sure I am comfortable admitting that I am not writing my own blogs.

A: That is completely understandable. Like most accomplished authors, you value the editing process and the fresh perspective it provides. We act as your collaborative editor for all of your products. We will be expanding on your ideas as well as current and future content. Like most editors, we act as that second set of eyes that helps draw out concepts and nuggets of the content you might be too close to.

Q: Can you write for any client within any industry or do you only write about certain topics?

A: We specialize in non-fiction content. Our experience and client-base is predominantly in the following genres:

  • Transformational
  • Peak Performance
  • Business Management and Leadership
  • Self-Help/Motivational
  • Spiritual
  • Social Media Strategy

Q: I like to connect with my readers on a personal level when I am traveling and meeting interesting people and I usually do this through my blog posts. Can I still do that?

A: Yes, absolutely! This program does not restrict or eliminate your own blogging. If you have a sense of urgency to post about a current event or share your personal journaling, that is strongly encouraged. The type of blog posts we will traditionally provide are related to your professional brand and content platform, unless otherwise instructed.

Q: I am very particular about what goes on my site as well as Twitter and Facebook. How do I still maintain some control over my brand?

A: All blog entries as well as Twitter and Facebook posts will be drafted for your review and they will not be published until you confirm acceptance of their style and content. As time passes, the turn-time between drafts and publication should decrease based on experience with your content and your voice. Your login and password information is highly respected and kept strictly confidential.